ITU International Bees

As an International Students club our prior purpose is to group all international students of ITU under one roof giving them help to adjust university life in Turkey as well as helping to solve some of their problems(residence permit etc.). We organize various kinds of social and sport activities where students all around the world gather and have a fun together introducing each other culture as well. In addition, we also help International Bees member to get acquainted with Turkish culture via making some activities such as Turkish Breakfast, trips inside Istanbul and etc. Also we have activities like Movie Night where we just gather and have fun together.  Along with this activities we have main activity: "International Day" fair which was founded by current crew, thus, this year we had the 1st ever International Day in ITU. In this activity which is going to be hold each year every student or group of students introduces everything related with its country.

As we a really young club and the current President is only second one in the history of the club we have bunch of activities for the next study year in our minds.


Kulüp Danışman Öğretim Üyesi: Yrd. Doç. Dr. Şenel Özdamar